Award-winning films


We would like to officially present you the winners of the festival according to different competition categories:

Special awards:

Best Czech movie outside film school – Surviving in the wild according to Jim Křovák, directors Josef Jan Abrhám and Antonín Jan Abrhám

Best Czech movie made with the school supervision – Wandering with the Likesroaming Family, director Marie Klowersová

Best foreign movie – Superstar, director Taeyang Lee (South Korea)

Vojtěch Jasný Award - for a significant contribution in audiovisual education in Czech Republic

Petra Peštová from the school of Jakuba J. Ryby in Rožmitál pod Třemšínem

Ben Barenholtz Award - for a significant contributions in the field of international youth films

Radheya Jegatheva from Australia


  • category A (children up to 10 years of age)

1st prize: The Butler and the Ball, dir. Andrew Chan-Possemato (USA)

  • category B (age 11 – 14)

1st prize: Señales, made by the Cachinus de Cine v Cilleros school (Spain)

2nd prize: All Alone, dir. Mackenzie Dy (Canada)

3rd prize: Do hard Things, dir. Mackenzie Dy (Canada)

Honorable mention: Tři filmy, dir. collective if czech participants of Ambroziada (Czechia)

  • category C (age 15-17)

1st prize: Revoluce, dir. Antonín Korb/Sára Piluchová (Czechia)

2nd prize: Memories, dir. Bokeong Kim (South Korea)

3rd prize: Strach, dir. Michal Špejra (Czechia)

Honorable mention: Pirates, dir. Cal Arnold O´Driscoll (Great Britain)

  • category D (age 18-21)

1st prize: Solitude, dir. Fiyin Coker (Canada)

2nd prize: Óda, dir. Jakub Semrád (Czechia)

3rd prize: Why don´t you dance?, dir. Isidora Ratković (Bosna and Hercegovina)

Honorable mention: Mia, dir. Sofia Maria Hjelmer Nielsen (Denmark)

Honorable mention: Dřevěná mísa, dir. Vojtěch Kapounek (Czechia)


  • there were no movies in the category of children up to 10 years of age
  • category B (age 11-14)

1st prize: Wavy Head, dir. Max Shoham (Canada)

3rd prize: collection of documentary movies made by children in the group THE LITTLE ART (Pakistan)

Honorable mention: Příběhy našich sousedů – Karel Mikulášek, dir. Šimon Vaněček (Czechia)

  • category C (age 15-17)

Honorable mention: Avi from the North, dir. Avi Maksagak (Kanada)

Honorable mention: Sladký domove, dir. Štěpán Havlín (Czechia)

  • category D (age 18-21)

1st prize: Beautiful Days, dir. Klaudia Pashjari (Greece)

2nd prize: Sète Girls, dir. Andrés Ribagorda and Pablo Jimeno (Spain)

3rd prize: Straight Record, dir. Marína Komárková (Czechia)

Honorable mention: Missing Friends of that Island, dir. Taeyang Lee (South Korea)

Honorable mention: Remember This, dir. Varsha Gill (Canada)

ANIMATION FILMS, where 59 films competed (22 foreign and 37 Czech ones) in 4 categories:

  • category A (up to 10 years of age)

1st prize: Bad Bugs , dir. Bryn Wright (USA)

2nd prize: Forest – Home of Animals, dir. collective of children from the BIBIANA (Slovakia)

Honorable mention: Cirkus na návsi, dir. collective of children from the school ZUŠ Bechyně (Czechia)

  • · category B (age 11-14)

1st prize: Jakub Jan Ryba through children´s eyes, dir. collective of pupils from the Jakub Jan Ryba school in Rožmitále pod Třemšínem by the supervisor Petra Peštová

2nd prize: I, the Discoverer, dir. Matěj and Maya Pánkovi (Czechia)

Honorable mention: Beer from China, dir. Magdaléna Poláková and Jan Žibrún (Czechia)

Honorable mention: Smog, dir. Pavlína Olejníčková (Czechia)

  • category C (age 15-17)

1st prize: FOMO, dir. Kevin Meggs and Max Hendrickson (Ireland)

Honorable mention: Heat, dir. Nima Moradi (Iran)

  • category D (age 18-21)

1st prize: The Quiet, dir. Radheya Jagatheva (Australia)

2nd prize: Wandering of the Likesroaming Family, dir. Marie Klowersová (Czechia)

3rd prize: Capra na divoko, dir. Kateřina Mrklovská (Czechia)

Honorable mention: Herumetto, dir. Ondřej Tešnar (Czechia)

EXPERIMENTAL FILMS– 15 films competed in this category (7 foreign movies and 8 Czech ones)

  • category C (age 15-17)

1st place: Hello Frisco, dir. Ava Bounds (Great Britain)

  • category D (age 18-21)

1st prize: Kolektiv, dir. Stela Konečná (Czechia)

2nd prize: Underwater Fragments, dir. Isidora Ratković (Bosna and Hercegovina)

3rd prize: Three Things that Filmmaker should do duting Quarantine, dir. Brandon Lee (China)

Category OTHERS (movie clips, jingles, videos…)

  • category A (children up to 10 years of age)

Honorable mention: We Create Magic, dir. collective of children from Cappabue school (Ireland)

  • category B (age 11-14)

Honorable mention: Korona Rock, dir. Josef Jan Abrhám (Czechia)

  • category C (age 15-17)

Honorable mention: Stay in Alive, dir. Matyáš Lada (Czechia)

  • category D (age 18-21)

1st prize: Diana´s Best, dir. Meredith Johnson (USA)

Honorable mention: Kafíčko, dir. Pavlína Taubingerová (Czechia)

Honorable mention for jingles from MICHAEL SCHOOL: Kabel, Toaleťák - Nadezda Tuzhilkina
Lego - Dominik Šebo, Andy Čehovský. Erik Žila, Vojtěch Šobek

Audience awards were give to these three Czech movies:

1st place: Klam, dir. Filip Špinka and Štěpán Hartl – 2151 votes

2nd place: Okamžik, dir. Klára Dostálová – 1008 votes

3rd place: Easy, dir. Joseph Arthur Osborne – 993 votes

We would like to cordially congratulate all the winners!