For schools

In addition to the online screening of 28 educational sections (out of a total of 30) on this website, we will also hold the following screenings for schools:

Cinema 70 Jilemnice

- AFTF official beginning 8.2. 10.00-12.30: held in cooperation with the local 8-year high school and TV channel Krkonoše (3rd-8th grades); the screening of AFTF films and two films produced by students of TV channel Krkonoše will be accompanied by a lecturer;
- 8th of March 10 a.m.; older pupils from the Komenský and Jan Harrach primary schools in Jilemnice and lower grades of the eight-year Gymnasium, Secondary School and Secondary School in Jilemnice will participate;
- Workshops (Critical Thinking and Fakenews): 7 March; venue: Gymnasium in Jilemnice; held in cooperation with the NGO Fak(e)ticky.

Kino Kartonka Vrchlabí
- Three screenings for schools: 23 Feb; start dates: 8.00, 10.00 and 12.00; one event 100 min. including film analysis by an expert lecturer;
- Workshop (Critical Thinking): 17 Feb. 10.00 a.m., venue: the Krkonoše Gymnasium, in cooperation with the NGO Fak(e)ticky.

Cinema Mnichovo Hradiště
- Three screenings for schools: 20 Feb. 8:30 + 10:45, 21 Feb. 8:30, venue: Kino Mnichovo Hradiště; 120 min. event including film analysis with an expert lecturer, with the participation of Sokolovská Primary School, Dolní Bouzov Primary School and Švermova Primary School.

Aula of the Škoda Auto Academy, Mladá Boleslav
- Four screenings for the Škoda Auto Mechanical School, venue: the Škoda Auto Academy auditorium: 16 February 8:00 + 10:30, 22 February 8:00 + 10:30; one event 120 min. including film analysis by an expert lecturer;
- Workshops Critical Thinking and Fakenews: 9th of March. 8:50 + 10:50, venue: SOŠ strojní, in cooperation with NGO Fak(e)ticky.

3D Cinema Rychnov nad Kněžnou
- Two screenings for schools;

- Three screenings for schools: 13 Feb. 10:30 and 15 Feb. 8:00 + 10:30, venue: Community Centre - Cinema 70 in Dobruška, screenings for: 1) Secondary School "Podorlice Education Centre" 2) Secondary School of Electronics and Information Technology.

Other workshops (Critical Thinking, Cyberbullying, Fakenews) for schools in cooperation with NGO Fak(e)ticky.:
- Elementary school Bělá pod Bezdězem ( 8th and 9th grades), date: 10 February 11:40
- Primary School Bílý Újezd (small classes, 2nd - 5th grades, 30 children in total), date: 16 February 10:00
- 11.30. 23 Feb. 10:10.

Additional screenings of films for schools in cinemas accompanied by an expert lecturer and workshops Fakenews, Critical Thinking and Cyberbullying (organised in cooperation with the non-profit organisation Fak(e)ticky) can be booked for the period of Echoes between 15 March and 30 June 2023 by contacting Kateřina Balgová at katerina.balgova@afilmteensfest.com, tel. 730 841 505 or Elen Eldridge at elen.skoly@afilmteensfest.com.