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So, we’re launching our 3rd year of A-FilmTeensFest with 165 films from 37 countries on 5 continents, entertaining & providing an outlet for children & youth 6-20. We’ve extended our off-line /live program and focused closely on 3 regions of the Czech Republic offering live projections, partnered a local youth film competition (“My Home”) for teenagers 9-19 y. o., and set up a range of support consultations with professional filmmakers for them. We've also organized media and film workshops in two children's homes where teenagers were able to express themselves through 2 films they've made.

At the moment we already have some 300 schools, children's homes, and other participating organizations in the Czech Republic registered for our online projections, which is many more than last year! And we've prepared worksheets for all 30 projection blocks that will help teachers follow up with discussion and film analysis. What’s more, this year we’ve also added Ukrainian subtitles to all the films to give young refugees a bit of light and entertainment. IS THAT ALL, you wonder?

Yes, that’s all for the moment. Still, we have lots of ideas until we reach world domination (2 years? 3 at most?). But all that, sad to say, takes money – a fair bit more than we have.

So if you like our 2023 program, and our goals, and the idea that young people can be trusted to deal with important issues and new challenging creative activities – real life skill-building group activities and rewarding visual arts away from social media – could you please support us in any way you can – money, of course, but also volunteering and spreading the word, here and abroad?

We are letting you watch the films free of charge this year while everything else is getting more expensive. Most of us worked for below average wages or with no pay, while putting in over the average number of hours. We believe in what we are doing and would hate to see the project vanish.

If you feel you or your organization can provide financial support, or specific skills for our activities, workshops, and next year’s programs, please contact:

e-mail: zuzana@afilmteensfest.com or telephone: + 420 603 822 181.

Or if you’re shy and don’t like talking on the phone you can just contact us through our bank, with whatever you can afford – money *does* talk (and we listen), in any amount:

Account for sponsoring non-profit organization „ADONAI for People o.p.s.“:

282762926/0300 (bank: ČSOB a.s.)

IBAN CZ280300 0000 0002 82762926, SWIFT/BIC: CEKOCZPP

IČO: 02659506 (if needed you can add as Variable Symbol)

Please let us know if you need a receipt or agreement.

And if you’ve made it this far, thank you for your interest – in the festival, and in the kids.
Sit back and enjoy the show!