The Myth That Scares Students


The Myth That Scares Students

FALLING is a film by Hyunwoo Zong, who was born in Busan in 2003. He is currently a senior of Korean Minjok Leadership Academy. He himself founded a film club in school because he has always dreamed of being a film director since he was a kid. Despite many obstacles in front of him, such as COVID-19 pandemic and his academic burdens as a high school student, he never lost his passion about films and completed his first work, FALLING. He is determined to continue and grow his love for films, showing us new moves of his works!


Stressed from a lack of sleep and daily pressure surrounding grades and tests, high school student Hyunwoo listens in as his friends discuss a spooky myth; every year during testing, a student disappears and a mysteriously rotten odor fills the classroom. That night, Hyunwoo studies through the night and nods off at his desk. Ending up at the abandoned building behind school, he hears strange noises and smells a strange odor before jolting awake.


The next day, he tells his friends, Tae-rim and Tae-hun, of his strange nightmare. A fan of horror, Tae-rim is convinced the dream is connected to the school myth and persuades her friends to investigate the abandoned building. Realizing the place is identical to the one in his dream, he gets scared and runs out. The nightmares continue, conflicts arise with his friends, and the burden of school intensifies as Hyunwoo lives out each anxious day.

What is Hyunwoo's fate? Will the myth prove to be real? Will he survive?

You will be able to find the answer from November 14!

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