How to


Film screening

At first we would recommend you to register by clicking on LOGIN. First of all you will find AFILMTEENSFEST REGISTRATION (where the ones who already have account can log in) right beneath it is the AFILMTEENSFEST REGISTRATION for the first time users, everyone who wants to watch any movie sections must be registered there.

In the part TYPES OF REGISTRATION please check what kind of registration is the one that suits you the best:

  1. Individual (1-4 viewers; it is necessary to watch the movies from one particular device)
  2. Group (5-20 viewers; thanks to the external password the screening is possible from various places)
  3. School (21 and more viewers; thanks to the external password the screening is possible from various places)
  4. VIP (after the registration which follows up with the approval from the festival management, the viewer will have the screening for free)

Groups and schools have to enter two passwords: the main password must not be identical with the password for the external usage (the external usage of the password is aimed for registration of the external users – for example for students/club members etc.). The difference between the passwords is that those who will be logged in with the external password cannot manipulate with the account (making an order, changing the information, passwords etc.). The school or group supervisor will enter both passwords and will give to his students only the password for the external usage, if they would want to screen the movies outside the school facilities.

The part school/groups: this part must be filled out also by individuals (they will enter nickname) and VIP (VIP schools and groups will fill out the name of the organization or VIP individual will fill out the nickname)

Attention! All the logins are registered in the database, therefore it is possible to check out the number of logins and according to the IP address it is possible to evaluate the misuse (for example if someone registers as Group and gives password to number of other users).

You can peruse the information about the movie sections and individual films here:

MOVIES: here you can find 1) catalogue of the movies made for you, 2) after you click on the name of the movie, you will be provided with the additional information about the movie in each movie section, including the list.

CATALOGUE: here is the list of movies in alphabetical order, including their synopses and additional information. The competition categories are listed as follows: the main category according to the genre are labeled with numbers (1: Fictional, 2: Documentaries, 3: Animated movies, 4: Experimental, 5: Other works such as music videos, jingles, ads) and subcategories are labeled according to the age of filmmakers (A: up to the age of 10, B: 11-14 years of age, C: 15-17 years of age, D: 18-21 years of age).


  1. Be registered
  2. Log in into your account
  3. Unlock every single movie block individually

In the section “Movies” there is a list of movie sections which you can unlock thanks to your available credits. Once a movie block is unlocked, it remains unlocked forever and thus you have an unlimited access to screenings. If you run out of the payed credits, it is possible to re-buy them anytime.

In order to buy credits, it is necessary to visit “Your subscriptions” which is visible below your login. You can order either one, ten or all movie sections. The buying works the same as in any other e-shop. After paying for the section, the payment will automatically give you the credit. In case of payment failure, it is possible to make another payment later on (you will get the link in your confirmation e-mail). You can make payments from 11th or 12th of November.

Supporting program

Information about the supporting program can be found in the part NEXT PROGRAM. All workshops, talk shows, Q&A, oral evaluation of the jury will be streamed online on the day of action and there will be a recording of the event 48 hours after the streaming at the latest. The program will also be translated simultaneously to the other language – either into Czech or English and it will also be submitted on the festival web. The supporting programs will be available even after the end of the festival.

Q&A – questions and answers with the filmmakers will be held with Czech filmmakers and English ones separately because of the simultaneous translation. The schedule of Q&A can be found in the part “Q&A with authors”. During the Q&A sessions, there is a possibility to ask questions in the chat.

All the supporting programs (streamed or recorded) are available FOR FREE and the registration is not needed.