3rd year 8. 2. - 12. 3. 2023

Інформація для глядачів з України

Very practical, visually very nice, easy to approach, rich themes; the only problem at the beginning with access.

(A-Filmteensfest response: we had a problem with the payment gateway at the beginning, so we decided to allow all viewers free access to films in 2023)

School psychologist, high school, Prague, Czech Republic

Very nice event. The films in which children from higher grades participated were an inspiration and motivating. Kids now want to make movies themselves. We also used films in teaching, natural history, etc. We had some technical problems with the access password.
(A-Filmteensfest response: we know about it and we will adjust and simplify the registration and login method for the upcoming year)

Elementary school, Liberec Region, Czech Republic

Thank you for access to the film festival. I am looking forward not only to interesting children's creations (I saw examples of creations on the website - they are beautiful), but also to the fact that it will definitely affect our children in the orphanage in some way. Several children already have creative ambitions for filming - again a wonderful opportunity to use their free time in a creative, purposeful and meaningful way. Thank you so much for these children!!!

Director, children's home, Liberec Region, Czech Republic

Film blocks on the environment and bullying sparked heated discussions among the pupils; The movie "Pirates" (about friends with a radio station) was useful for its English. The children had a lot of fun with it all, broadened their horizons. Great choice of topics, enrichment of pupils (also discovering knowledge - what they know). We recommend better tuning the promotion to schools.
(A-Filmteensfest response: We are always looking for new ways to let other schools and audiences know about us.)

Teacher, elementary school, Ústí nad Labem Region, Czech Republic

There are twenty children in my group who will be happy to watch festival films, gain experience, new ideas and motivation for further activities. As far as possible, we will involve the whole school in watching festival films. Thank you!

Media club teacher, elementary school, Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic

We personally participated in the streamed Fake News workshop that A-FilmTeensFest organized at our school. It was a very successful event, from which the children took away a lot of useful information. Their reactions after the workshop were only positive. They enjoyed the amount of games, interactive activities and group work. It was our first experience with the festival, and a positive one.

Elementary school, Prague, Czech Republic

The festival is interesting, unfortunately we didn't make enough use of it due to the severe covid situation at school. Having the films available for a longer time would help us - a month, so that it could be better planned with the curriculum (Reaction of A-Filmteensfest: in 2023 the festival will last about 5 weeks for this very reason!)

Elementary school, South Bohemia Region, Czech Republic

We watched blocks of films for the little ones, then blocks about bullying, relationships and nature. We appreciated the online access and interesting topics supplementing our curriculum

Deputy Director, elementary and pre-school, Liberec Region, Czech Republic

The opportunity to participate in an interesting online festival helped us a lot during lockdown. The flexibility of when to view and the division into categories (by age probably more than by topic) worked well for us.

Elementary school, Prague, Czech Republic