Exploring the Intersection of Youth Cinema and Innovation: Highlights from the 12th Conference at Fish Film Festival

As the curtains rose on the new year, the global cinema community found itself drawn to the vibrant city of Rostock, Germany, for an immersive experience at the 21st Fish Film Festival. Amidst the allure of cinematic wonders, the 12th Youth Cinema Network (YCN) conference unfolded, promising a blend of inspiration, collaboration, and innovation.

From May 8 to 11, 2024, over 35 participants, including representatives from member festivals and organizations, as well as freelancers, congregated to partake in this enriching event. The atmosphere buzzed with creativity and camaraderie as attendees delved into discussions, workshops, and festival visits.

The conference boasted a diverse program designed to foster networking and dialogue. Two sessions were dedicated to facilitating connections within the network, providing opportunities for attendees to forge meaningful partnerships.

From exploring innovative film education methodologies to discussing strategies for empowering youth in the industry, the panels offered a platform for robust discourse and knowledge exchange. Notably, the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) in film and film education sparked intriguing conversations about the intersection of technology and storytelling.

In the months ahead, the fruits of the YCN conference will continue to ripen as attendees embark on new projects and initiatives.

As we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the Youth Cinema Network's journey, one thing remains certain: the spirit of collaboration and exploration ignited at the 12th YCN conference will continue to fuel the evolution of youth cinema for years to come.

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