Enthusiasm, creativity and youthful vigour were all in the air when a group of talented Czech filmmakers attended the prestigious Novemberfestivalen short film festival (https://film.novemberfestivalen.se/) in Trollhättan, Sweden.

This event, taking place from 23 to 25 November 2023, is the most important gathering of short film in Sweden. Among those who had the honour of representing the Czech film scene was a group of talented filmmakers from the film "Fog". This production gem was shortlisted for the ten films in the international category, thanks to the support of A-FilmTeensFest, an initiative that focuses on supporting young filmmakers.

The festival kicked off with an international dinner to which members of the Czech team were invited along with guests, jury and organizers. For some, it was the first opportunity to meet face-to-face with film professionals from all over the world, and to experience the atmosphere that creates a connection between creative souls. Over the following days, a series of screenings of approximately sixty short films took place, including both features, animations and documentaries. Participants were able to take part in various workshops and tours of film studios, including the famous "Trollywood", one of the largest film studios in Sweden. This was not only an opportunity for professional growth, but also to broaden one's horizons in filmmaking.

The highlight of the festival was the gala dinner and the award ceremony. Representatives of Czech film enjoyed not only the atmosphere of the competition, but also the opportunity to meet other young filmmakers from different parts of Europe. They met not only with colleagues from the industry, but also with the organisers of other film festivals in Scandinavia, which contributed to the exchange of experiences and the establishment of new contacts. Members of the delegation, including Antonín Korb (director), Tereza Hatlapatková (script), Karolina Brandová, came back to the Czech Republic with energized energy, new experiences and above all with the feeling that Czech short film has something to offer on the international scene. This event not only strengthened their artistic passion, but also brought new impulses to their creative arsenal that could influence their future projects.

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