How to

Problems logging in or accessing movies

Registration and login

  1. You need to register first: via the main page - upper pink bar on the right >> log in >> Your Account, once there then fill in and click to send the registration form at the bottom (scroll down 2-3 screens). You will then receive a confirmation email.
  2. You always need to log in: the upper pink bar to the right >> log in >> then only fill in the top two blanks one part of the page (“Email or login” and “password”)
  3. If “logged” lights up white on the bar, all is ok, if “Login”, you need to log in again.

Access to movies

  1. On the pink bar open “Movies online” (3rd from the left) >> Movie sections and blocks
  2. Scroll down and click on any block from 1 to 30 (not just the top 8), e.g. 12. The World Inside, 25. The World of Ones and Zeroes, etc. (the first time you enter, the block is LOCKED – this is ok)
  3. In the block the big pink field below the block details shows “This movie block is locked” (you cannot watch it). “This film block is suitable for viewers with a minimum age of X years” “I certify that all viewers are at least X years old”
  4. Confirm age – check white checkbox and click "unlock this movie block!”
  5. “OPEN THE ONLINE FILM BLOCK STREAM” will pop up above the image >>> click it
  6. A video window (player) will open: click the "Play" button on its bottom bar and it will start video, playing the ENTIRE block: first the jingle, then the partners' spots and only then the individual films.
  7. If you want to see only a specific movie or move to the next movie in the block, just click on it (scroll to the bottom and click film from the list under the player).

In case you encounter any unsolvable problem with registration, login, unlocking blocks, or starting the film streaming, please contact us at +420 777 338 785.