Good Timing!


Good Timing!

Goog Timing is a music animation by Tereza Krtilová. It is a story about a superhero, who discovers her powers at the right time in order to protect the Earth from being hit by a meteorite.

“I have been involved in dance and art since I was a kid. The animation is inspired by me, my imagination and by the fact that I really like watching animated fairy tales or movies. I like to learn new creative techniques, so I started to study animation more in detail. Good Timing was my debut in video production, I would like to continue in video making. The film was the result of my school task. It took me 2 month to animate the film. I submitted the video as a semi-annual work then.”, the author describes the creation process.

The film Good Timing has been sorted to one of our festival blocks and it will be available to watch already from November 14!


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