One day, a curious villager stops at a watering hole, but the water in it is an unusual red colour…

Herumetto (2020) is the first film by Ondřej Tešnar, who himself directed the entire film, wrote the screenplay and created the animation. At the time of making the film, Ondřej was studying at SUŠ Ostrava. Currently, he is developing his skills further at TBU in Zlín and is working on various smaller school and personal animation projects, often focused on combining 2D and 3D animation.

Herumetto is his graduation film and in the past, the film has been screened at the Liberec Anifilm in 2021 and at Little Visions in Ústí n. Orlicí, where it was also awarded.

You will be able to watch the film already from November 14!


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