Home Sweet Home!


Home Sweet Home!

Sladký domove (Sweet Home) is a Czech documentary film about a homeless man from Nymburk (Fridrich Demeter) and his life containing shocking past, devastating present and uncertain future. Let's look through the homeless man’s eye. The crew will follow him on his way to a charity, he'll let us know how he gets money, how he made his shack and if he feels like moving to a regular house.

The main creators of the film are Štěpán Havlín (16 y. o. directing, editing, cinematography), Matyáš Müller (17 y. o., story idea, directing) and Matouš Servus (17 y. o., cooperation).


Štěpán Havlín and Matouš Servus study in Prague film school and they've done some feature films (not a single one did well), so they're currently trying to shoot documentaries. Matyáš Müller doesn't study anything referring to film, but sometimes he's got very nice film ideas (as in this case).The origin of this film came from Matyáš Müller. He has known the protagonist for a couple years.


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