Another set of Czech movies is to be seen outside the borders. This time we have nominated four movies for an anNual YCN award, where AFTF is a proud member! These movies will try to impress the jury:

  1. I, the Discoverer by Maya and Matěj Pánkovi,
  2. The Beer from China by Magdaléna Poláková, Jan Žibrún
  3. The Wandering of the Likesroaming Family by Marie Klowersová and last but not least is
  4. ODE by Jakub Semrád.

The annual Youth Cinema Network (YCN) Award recognizes excellence in film made by young people. Established in 2016 as a single award, it is now presented to the best films in three age groups:

* age 0 - 14

* age 15 - 19

* age 20 - 27

2021 one more section was presented: *film made in the framework of a short-term workshop.

YCN festivals nominate one film for each group, YCN members cast one vote per age group (a festival may not vote for its own nomination) and the films with greatest number of votes in each age category are declared winners.

Every year the YCN awards are presented at a different festival. Starting with Wicked Wales Film festival, UK in 2016, the awards have been announced at REC, Germany (2017), Nextfilmfestival, Denmark (2018), Enimation, Slovenia / Up and Coming, Germany (2019), Camera Zizanio, Greece (2020) and Nordic Youth Film Festival, Norway (2021).

We will be crossing fingers for these 4 movies and maybe, just maybe they will be once again recognised abroad which they rightfully deserve.

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