Yesterday we found out about yet another set of exciting news from abroad! We are delighted that South Korean International Film Festival for Children and Youth BIKY http://www.biky.or.kr/articles/29/Introduction-of-17th-BIKY has awarded the movie REVOLUTION with BUMA SPECIAL AWARD!!! We are absolutely thrilled by this marvelous news and we want to cordially congratulate the filmmakers Antonín Korb and Sára Piluchová for their amazing approach to a period drama in the midst of historical events. It is important to stay connected, to share stories and to appreciate other cultures. That’s why to be awarded so far away from Czech republic, in a completely different continent makes us overjoyed. Antonín and Sára, we wish you all the luck with your future careers and keep on doing this amazing job of representing Czechia!

What is BIKY you might ask? As it is the only film festival of films made by youth in South Korea you can read about them in the statement directly from them:

"As an International film festival for young generation, BIKY hosts and serves as the hub of the children film festival 's network in the world.

In the belief that movies are not just for watching, we continue to work and develop various experiences and educational activities and it also enhance the image of 'Busan', a UNESCO creative city of films.

We are also studying film literacy and developing the ways to media curriculum to use in school carried by good films.

Due to the characteristics of modern society that emphasizes competition and interests, the content environment for children and adolescents is getting worse.

It is delightful for the BIKY to meet talented filmmakers and their films and also providing equal opportunities to everyone to make a better society and a better world."

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