Phenomenal news from Plasencia, Spain! International Film Festival of films made by youth Plasencia Encorto awarded a Czech movie Collective by Stela Konečná. She received first prize for the International category of movies made by school. We are extremely happy and proud of our Stela, whose thought provoking movie stunned the Spanish jury.

What is Collective about? Johana does not leave the room, does not associate with anyone and is overall barking mad. She named the stuff in her household and "has a relationship" with all of them. A short experimental film about sex, madness, murder, friendship and love, and especially about the search for oneself. Is this really a reality?

And what does Stela have to say about this extraordinary achievement? Let’s hear about author’s statement: “My name is Stela Konečná and I'm something of a typewriter. I've kind of accepted that I'm not gonna be able to control some basic things.I can't kick a ball, I can't pitch a tent, and sometimes I can't count more than I can count on my fingers. But's my eternal love! We've been at it together since I could hold a pen, and not knowing what letters actually existed hasn't been a hindrance. Right after primary school, I rushed headlong to Prague, which swallowed me like a raspberry. I graduated from the Michael High School of Advertising and Artistic Creation, majoring in film production. They terrorized me with editing and math a couple of times, but they knew I could handle the screenwriting classes.”

Just a quick summary of Plasencia Encorto Film Festival which takes place in Plasencia (Cáceres) in Spain. The Festival aims to develop didactic and educative values and one of its most remarkable objectives is to promote and stimulate the creativity of students through the production of audiovisual works. We admire their work and wish them all the luck in the future.

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