Zoltán Bendegúz Szabo: BRAVE NEW WORLD

Zoltán Bendegúz Szabo: BRAVE NEW WORLD

BRAVE NEW WORLD is a short film by Zoltán Bendegúz Szabó, a 14 years old author from Budapest, Hungary.

"I am a 2-grade student at the Toldy Ferenc High School in Budapest. I have been interested in filmmaking since I was in primary school. I started my film career in the cartoon making studio of Magyar Rajzfilm Kft. (Pannónia Film Studio). In addition to cartoons, I made several lego animated short films made with stop-motion techniques. My hobbies are playing tennis and playing guitar. In my films I did everything by myself from the idea to the realisation: the cameraman’s work, editing and directing, and the visual effects as well."


The film Brave New World, which we present at our festival, is about climate change."What the film has to say is that while we might think we live in a beautiful new world, if we open our eyes, we are confronted with the fact that this world is destroying it's environment. It is time to act.", says the author.

In this film there is no adult cooperation. Director, editor, cameraman and also the music composer is Zoltán Bendegúz Szabó. Zoltán worked really hard and did everything by himself: the cameraman’s work, editing and directing, and he is the music composer as well.

Zoltán has a very interesting filmography consisting of the following films:

NOISE, which draws attention to a major problem of our time, climate change, in a unique way, with a shocking emphasis on the sounds of the human environment. The short film is an attempt to find a solution that focuses on sustainability. The film is a critique of the modern world.

DOOR 1,which is a critique of the faceless "hacker world". The film draws attention to the uncontrolled use of technical devices and surveillance cameras, which are increasingly overshadowing personal freedom and dominating everyday life. It challenges the viewer and the main character with mysterious choices; and

CLICK - music video performed by Talány Akusztik, which is a Hungarian band. The film is a lyrics video with animations and visual effects. The video shows the digital world in an ironic way, where the heat of love is measured in 'like's as well.

Zoltán has received these awards:

  • Best International Film 2020 (Noise) – First Cut! Youth Film Festival, Ireland, Youghal

  • Best Up and Coming Filmmaker 2020 (Noise) – Boulder International Film Festival, Colorado, USA

  • 4th Prize 2019 (Noise) – This Human World, The future is ours to see, Short Film Competition – Austria, Vienna.

He was also named the Best Filmmaker of The Future by Cannes World Film Festival 2021 in France.


Zoltán's work is very admirable and we are very happy to have him at our festival!

The whole film will be available to watch at our festival already from November 14!

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