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A family drama on the power of solidarity and importance of having a meal together. Minseo is satisfied with her modern-day reality and the fact she can order a food delivery to her front door. However, when her older sister gets nostalgic and starts missing her childhood, she and Minseo leave for their grandma's house to see how things used to be back in the past.1C

  • Name of the movie: Memories
  • Movie block: 8. FAMILY 40:12
  • Year : 2020
  • Country of origin: Jižní Korea
  • Duration : 9.12 min
  • Team:

    Bokeong Kim

  • Other informations:

    live-action, generational, age category 15-17 years, korean, czech and english subtitles, elements: joy, roots, family, interpersonal relationships