International competition

Rules of the International Competition and Awards

Competition films could be submitted on the FilmFreeway platform, via the form on this website and also through our partners at Youth Cinema Network. Czech and foreign films compete together in the main categories according to genre - i.e. 1. fiction, 2. documentary, 3. animation, 4. experimental and 5. other (music videos, jingles, games, etc.) and 4 subcategories according to the age of the filmmakers: under 10, 11-14, 15-17, 18-20.

For the youngest category under 10, we will award 2 films across genres: the best authors (or group of authors) under 10 will thus receive one prize and one honorable mention. If we have more good films deserving of awards from authors under 10, we will stick to the genre distinction and give out more awards to our youngest. In the 5th category, "other works", we want to give 2 awards (one prize and one honorable mention) across a range of ages. In each of the categories - fiction, documentary, animation and experimental - there will be one prize for each of the three age sub-categories in each genre and three honorable mentions for each genre category, depending on the age of the filmmakers. If there are multiple above-average works to be awarded in a category, we will award more prizes. If there is a lack of good films in a particular age subcategory, we will not give an award or honorable mention. In total, we plan to give at least 14 basic prizes and 14 honorable mentions.

Above-average works and pieces will receive these exceptional awards for: Best International Film, Best Czech Out-of-School Film, Best Czech School Film, the Škoda Auto Foundation Award for the best film/films with a sustainability theme, two Junior and Senior Non-Professional Jury Prizes and the Audience Award. The highest awards: the Ben Barenholtz Award (to a well-known deceased American producer) and the Vojtěch Jasný Award (to a well-known deceased Czech director, e.g. of the film "All my Good Countrymen") will be awarded to one Czech and one foreign filmmaker, educator or subject who has made a significant contribution to the development of film and audiovisual production or education in a supra-regional context.

The winners of the awards and honourable mentions will receive high-quality graphic diplomas and glass medals or trophies. We cannot afford the originally planned financial reward for the two best authors. Other in-kind prizes will include nice books, small electronics, candy, food vouchers, small souvenirs and more.